I aim to look around the internet and post various things of interest to me (and hopefully to you) that I find in the digital art and scrapbooking world.  I will offer some freebies from me and sometimes too from friends.  

There will also be some personal posts about family and what is going on in my life.

You can use the SEARCH function at the bottom of this page to search the site.  Just type in a category or a key word and press enter.  Current categories are Freebies,  Favourite Designers, New Releases, Personal and Uncategorized.

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Lauren and Dougal
Lauren is my granddaugter and her dog Dougal is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retrevier.  In Australia Dougal would be known as a groodle. He is a young dog and very loveable, but so rough and full on!
Blue Moments - Freebie
This is a little freebie I created some time back, but I’ve always loved it as the colour combination is one of my favourites. Click on the preview image to download, and if you like it and found it useful, a feedback comment is always appreciated. Thanks, Robyn I used the kit to make this page. It features an old photo of my granddaughter,...
Celebration - Freebie
This freebie was my part of the Celebration Kit created by members of the Just Art site.   I think it has some pretty papers in it.   Hopefully you will like them too. Click on the image to download. I used the kit to create this page featuring my beloved Irish Setter, Cash, who sadly is now deceased.
April Celebration - Freebie
April Celebration.  An old freebie, but still a goodie!  Click on the image to download.
August 18 Template - Freebie
CLICK ON THE IMAGE to download the template. You can choose from psd, tiff, or pngs. Enjoy!
hearts mini
Hearts Mini - Freebie
A pretty little mini with lots of hearts!  It may be useful as some extras for a Valentine’s Day page. CLICK ON THE IMAGE to download.