I will be adding some freebies from myself and also occasionally from friends.   Below is a simple slide show so you can see what is currently available to download.
You can find these freebies simply by using the search function at the bottom of this page.  Type in FREEBIES and press enter. Then click on the post containing the item you would like to download. If you choose to download, feedback in the comment box at the bottom of the post would be most welcome and always appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE :  If you are downloading from your PC (and I assume also a Mac, because I don’t own one) the link is a direct download.  If you are downloading from a tablet or cell phone, it is probably easier to have a Dropbox account (a free one is fine) OR you can choose to EXPORT and then SAVE TO FILES (choosing where in your personal storage you wish it to be saved).  This will of course vary depending on what phone or tablet you are using.

Thank you,