I’m a mother of two girls, grandmother of five, and great grandmother of two.  I live in Launceston, Tasmania (check out the Google map below).  As you can see Tasmania is a small island state south of the Australian mainland.

I have had the privilege of having the love and companionship of nine Irish Setters over a period of nearly fifty years.  Today I have just one dog, my beautiful boy, Cello.

I have been involved with scrapbooking and digital art for around 15 years.  My interest first began in this when I joined Linda Sattgast and her Scrapper’s Guide site.  Linda taught me many of the basics of Photoshop and it was also at this site that I met my dear friend, Sandy.  Sandy  and I co-owned the Digital Design Den site, where many lasting friendships were formed.

I have been a designer in the past and still do the occasional bits and pieces.  My design name is Red Dog Designs.

Currently I own the JUST ART site, with many lovely members participating in the forum and gallery.