Naughty Paddy!
My daughter Jane has inherited my love of the Irish Setter breed.  Early this year her beloved old Clifford sadly passed away.  Some months later she and her family decided they would...
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Not Quite White Papers - FREEBIE
I originally made these paper for CU, but I’m very happy for you to download if you can make use of them.   They are a set of 10 embossed papers, and as the name suggests...
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This is one of my favourite templates.  Click on the image to download.  You can select from TIFF, PNG or PSD files. I used the template to make this...
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Hiking up Mt. Arthur
My daughter Jane has a passion for hiking up mountains and in Tasmania we have some beautiful, iconic mountains so she can indulge her passion.  She usually goes with a girlfriend...
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Foxeysquirrel - one of my favourite designers
Teddi Rutschman (aka Foxeysquirrel) is one of my favourite designers.Her wonderful mix of magic, fantasy and history is so very appealing.   You can check her OSCRAPS STORE out HERE. I...
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May Mini Kit - Freebie
Click on the IMAGE below to download.   Enjoy! This page was created by me and features my Irish Setter, Cash.  Sadly he died from bone cancer several...
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Lauren and Dougal
Lauren is my granddaugter and her dog Dougal is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retrevier.  In Australia Dougal would be known as a groodle. He is a young dog and very loveable,...
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Blue Moments - Freebie
This is a little freebie I created some time back, but I’ve always loved it as the colour combination is one of my favourites. Click on the preview image to download, and if...
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Celebration - Freebie
This freebie was my part of the Celebration Kit created by members of the Just Art site.   I think it has some pretty papers in it.   Hopefully you will like them too. Click on the...
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